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I loved your description of flowers, and the POV of your character. The mustard seed and plant are amazing. I truly believe there are numerous reasons why God chose the mustard seed for this comparison. It is amazing the parallels one can make and lessons one can learn from that lowly seed.
Simply delightful! And I laughed out loud at "green grassy stuff." Great writing.
The "red and yellow bloomy things" made me chuckle! Well done!
I like your honesty and humor in this unique poetic piece. Sounds like it's personal truth learned, and right on with the subject.
Wonderful voice, and great fun to read--and surprising depth nestled amidst the humor.
Well, your title drew me in, your humour kept me reading (and giggling) and the ending made me "humpf" and nod emphatically. Good for your sneaky wife (and a great piece of writing as well!)
An excellent message, presented in a humorous and appealing way. Well done!
Well done. Creative...humorous...engaging. Loved the strength of the seed...breaking up concrete. Reminds me once again of the power of God and His ability to tear down barriers that prevent people from coming to Him.
I enjoyed the humor here. Did not know that mustard plants can crack concrete when growing. Very interesting...
Being one of the 'sneaky' gender, let me sneak in here and tell you how much fun this is.
Your very irregular lines added to the confusion of the MC and showed a better picture of him.
Loved it!

This was fantastic, from the title to the last line. Loved it.
I really enjoyed the beginning of this one and was reading with excitement...the first two stanza's were excellent and edgy, but then I must've fallen off the edge (maybe I missed something??).