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"If there is no beginning there is no cause, if there is no cause there is no God, If there is no God there is no morals, and if there is no morals everyone is free to practice or indulge in whatever he or she believes to be true."

what a powerful true statement that bares examining.
good article!
Wonderful article challenging us to stand firm on the truth of God's Word.
The three philosophical views should all be cap'd or not and all defined or not and pluralism's definition seems to be the definition of inclusivism and not pluralism.
Watch for the possessives.
Rationalism goes undefined and yet a debate about real truth via logical arguments seems to be what is being done by the author, so how can rationalism be what the author thinks is being used to kill absolute truth?
Regardless of whether morals exist, people are in fact free (at least temporarily) to indulge in what they believe to be true (or false).
I finished the piece not knowing what the two foundational truths are.

Quick disclaimer: I edit philosophical papers, write them, think them, read tons of PHL books, and wanted to give you feedback I'd give others or have received myself. All this said, it was very refreshing to see an article like this posted in the Challenge. I enjoyed reading it. Papers like this, unfortunately with a 750 word limit, often require a good deal of clarification within them or a hope the reader just follows them for flow or knowledge. It's a tough balance to find.