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I enjoyed your story. Your title says it all.
What an awesome experience. Your description of the open market does a great job of establishing the attitude that God needed to change in your MC before He could use her. Great writing.
This is great!! So often missionaries-to-be have romantic dreams of what it will be like... and an AWFUL shock when they discover the reality! And it can be relatively minor things that cause pretty big reactions! Praise God for his grace that brought your grand mother through the culture shock and made her fruitful.
One minor thing, you slipped into the present tense in the final paragraph which made me stumble in the reading. But overall this was well told, very vivid, and I hope will inspire informed prayer for missionaries!
What a wonderfully told missionary's story, only bettered by knowing that it is based in reality. Well done.
This read very smoothly and kept my attention all the way through. I was fascinated and educated by all of the details of an average day in Senegal. The MC's thoughts and feelings are woven in very naturally, especially her reaction to the Muslim ceremony. I love the ending - seeing those children come to Christ. I also love that this was based on an actual missionaries experiences.
This sounded a lot like a journal entry. It was like peeking into someone elses life. That is good writing.
Lovely story. Well done.
It is wonderful to witness a heart-change in this woman when her focus goes from the circumstances to the people and God's Word. There's nothing more important! Well-written and moving story.
This was a good missionary story, showing the realism of missionary life, as well as the heart of the one sent by the Lord to minister in a foreign land.
What a cool gal your grandmother was! (My dad took a short term missionary trip a few months before his 80th birthday!)

Watch out for putting unnecessary apostrophes in plural nouns.

You did a great job with the sights, sounds, smells, etc.
Great descriptions and vivid details. What struck me, after reading your note at the bottom, was how little somethings have changed over the years. Also, I would venture to say, you've inherited some of your Grandmother's talent for sharing your/her adventures.
Very sensory, if that is the correct word. I like anything that is called, "Never too Old."