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I find this deeply touching, and am thankful to share in its message of Truth.
Excellent! Your writing is lyrical, with superb use of repetition and irony. I could see and hear this man with his deep African voice. I read this one twice through, and will come back to it again, with pleasure.
I found this a fascinating read. I had never heard of Homowo, and enjoyed learning about this aspect of Ghanaian culture.
This is personal, but the voice of the MC grated. I felt it came across a bit as "I'm all right Jack", and that there was even an element of mocking the attempts of other godly men and women to tackle the problem of hunger in Africa. If all we had to do were laugh... well we'd all be laughing! I'm sure that is not how you meant it to read. As I say it was my reaction.
Having said that you created an extremely strong character in your MC and the piece had an intensely African flavour.
This is awesome. I like the repetitive phrases. Very well done.
At first reading, I was a bit irritated that your MC was laughing. I thought he was mocking the hungry. Then I reread it and realized you didn't mean that.
As the saying goes, "He who laughs last, laughs best"? That is how I understood it the second time. That hunger is a fool to think it can overcome or win. Jesus gets the last laugh.

Anyway, this is very good. One must not be distracted when reading this piece of art.
Bravo - written with boldness and conviction; and a wonderful underlying truth!
Henry, I would not give up writing fiction in favor of only poetry just yet, because this story had its own poetic feel about it.

Like others who have commented, I also could see and hear this man (rather like listening to James Earl Jones).

Good job.
I love the voice of this piece. At first I thought this man was going to laugh at hunger because he, a black man of means, was going to feed the nation with his wealth. I enjoyed unraveling the mystery as the account progressed. The ending is simply awesome! Please don't give up on fiction; I'd love to read more.
Like the comments above, I found the MC's voice very bold, in my face even. That just made me want to read all the more! Your word choices are indeed poetic, they just painted the picture so well. Nice Job (and keep writing short stories... ;-)
A very poetic piece. Interesting.