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Human nature is truly brutal. I can't see how humanists have such faith in it. Come, Lord Jesus, come to rule with an iron rod.
A somber piece that left me feeling so sorry for all those who live apart from Christ. The voice of this poem is strong and desperate at the same time. Great job.
A sad and powerful peom. Thank you for sharing.
I really liked you lines:
"I fought for peace within the storm
While hatred brewed behind the masks;"
Compelling writing about a truly dark day in the world. Continues in other places around the world. Must break the heart of God, who does care.
"Time had run its course,
And no one seemed to care…"

What a powerful indictment for the world powers that now exist. Ending this magnificent poem with an elipsis was brilliant. It shows that the problem is still on-going. There are still too many places that are not being aided simply because there is nothing to be gained by helping... except, of course, HUMAN LIVES! Oh, what a misplaced value system this world has developed!
Rwanda's history is very sad.
Powerful poem.
This was poignant and brilliantly written. Excellent...
Your use of repetition, then contrast at the end, is very effective. You did an great job with mood and word choice selection in this excellent poem.
What a sad thing to hear, "Does anyone care?" This is a powerful poem.
Wow... I read this again after reading your note at the end... very powerful and well written piece. Really leaves me thinking...
You got my attention and the message kept me interested. Great title and presentation.
This is the kind of poetry I like - wonderful flow, rhyme and rhythm, and a powerful message.