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Very fun entry. Vivid descriptions! Well done!
What a lot of fun and how completely unprepared for safari those two were. I think you'll find, mind you, that the Zambezi river is a very long way from Tanzania where the rest of your story takes place.
I loved it! This story gave me a lift. These two sisters had me smiling throughout. I could picture that orange purse, and those half eaten life savers, as if it were my own grandma. Again, loved it!
I always thought a safari vacation sounded fun, but now I'm not so sure. You had me smiling at these sisters! I especially liked the conversation between them. Great job! (I do want to know what they missed by skipping the Sundowner, tho.)
This was hilarious! I loved the sisters, and roared at the last line. Fantastic job!
Safari's are not on my list of what I must do before I die. I am happy to read about others doing so but thank you very much i will rather read a book. Lovely interaction between the sisters.
This was fun. A vacation I'm not sure I'd allow anyone to talk me into.
I loved your story. I especially liked the names you chose; Bubu the elephant, and Buck Aroo the tour guide. Perfect! Thanks for the light read.
I particularly enjoyed the chacterization of the two sisters. Their dialogue was fun, as was the whole piece.
Cute story.

The dialogue, especially in the first half, seemed a bit stilted--the ladies needed to use a few contractions to make their speeches sound more natural.

Middle-aged sisters always make for amusing stories!
I loved the name of the guide and the two sisters had me smiling. Well done!
Wonderful sense of humor. You made a story that would be great footage in a home movie entitled "So Glad to Be Home".

I agree with what has been said about trying to make the conversations a bit more natural. Even so, great entry.
Great entry! You had me chuckling, for sure. Reminds me of the Sisterchick books!
I saw a hint of Erma Bombeck in your writing style and was amused by the humor the entire way through. Great, very enjoyable writing!
Great characterization with an entertaining read.
Remind me never to take a safari trip in Africa....