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This is powerfully gripping. Too many historical moments reek of this type of misery. Your words paints an uncomfortably accurate picture that we Christians should force ourselves to look at. Thank you for bravely painting this word masterpiece.
Thank you for writing this. I knew Hitler had said that, but don't really know details of the Armenian massacre. You told this with such brutal, painful honesty that it captures far more suffering than only the suffering of the MC and her family.
Sadly Hitler was right. We forget past horrors and hence open ourselves to new atrocities. May God help us to be peace-makers in a world that clamours for war.
This is a gripping picture of a not-so-humane humanity. You've put your mc in the middle of a terrible situation, yet there is hope within. Really great writing here.
"With each step, my children grow years beyond their age." Love this line - so much truth in it. Very well written.
This story brought emotion with it. Being a mother the thought of hiding my children in the floor, and having them see they horrors they saw was heart wrenching. Your story made me aware that crimes happen all around us, and we are not aware. Great Job!
Wow. This is an excellent entry. I felt the fear, especially scared for the kids. Thank you for sharing this piece of history.
This is terrifying and very vividly written. Well done!
Powerfully written.
03/10/09 did a great job packing so much history into such a short story. And the emotion/fear you brought out is incredible.

I had a hard time following the opening scene. I went back and read it after I finished the story, and I'm still confused. (Probably just me.)

Very good story-telling, and excellent job with the topic.
Very powerful! Hadn't heard of this. Just frightening - and wonderfully written.
Wow! You spoke compellingly for this people. Amazing story.