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Funny story and I did get your humor without your author's note:) Good job.
Sobering parallels of the spiritual condition of America in comparison to the pre-communist Russia. Effectively makes the point that the USA is most certainly a mission field for the gospel of Christ and elevates the urgency of this matter. I couldn't find too much of a connection with Asia, although I did like the story.
This was an interesting story. I wondered how some one could be converted qhilw in a comatose state unless they met Jesus through a near-death experience or something. I would like to know more about that. This story really got me thinking! Good job!
Wow, I like how you show the US as a missionary field. We always think of that as "out there."

The format confused me somewhat. I had a really hard time following the second half of the story--could just be me, though.

The comparison between the USA and pre-Communist Russia is a bit chilling but I think you're right. I was impressed with your Russian phrase with all the diacritical marks. Nice work on this.
I appreciate that you didn't want to get political, but I really wanted to read more about Slava. Bring him back some time.
how fun! Love the creative take on this one, the humor was cute and just right and I liked the bit with siberia. ^_^
A fascinating man! I think the beginning needs to be reworked somehow to make the 2nd half work to its potential. I had to re-read the beginning to understand where you were going with it. But then I ended up enjoyed the 2nd half more than the first. :) Interjecting more of your personal comments into the narrative on Slava in the 1st half would make it flow better in my opinion. I like the creative format - it makes your entry stand apart and is more entertaining that just a report on Slava would have been.
Very interesting take and story on a real character.
I did get a bit confused at first, but then worked through it. Well done.
I like the "conversation" feel of the second half, really connects with the reader, but the tone felt different than the beginning, shifted somehow. (I did like the flies in mouth comment in the opening - cute!) Provoking thoughts and creative style.