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The frustration and angst in this piece is SO amazingly real. So vivid. The whole thing is masterful - but the beginning and ending are especially so. This brought me to tears. Praying.
I really felt for this young woman, under such terrible pressure from so many sources at such a young age. Very vivid and moving!
Cruelty lurks among the youth of every country and nation. Maybe one day we will all be able to praise our Creator instead of ourselves. Good writing.
This is very well written. Amazing how the cruelty of teenagers is played out in every country...every language. Very good writing.
wow. Powerful story about young teenager. I really felt her emotions. Well done.
Vivid portrayal of a teenager's perceptions/experiences of life. Well done!
I loved the quietness of the first few lines. It showed how disengaged your character was from the classroom setting. Not only did the teacher draw Jing-Mei's attention back to the present, but alerted the reader as well.
It's so sad such pressure is placed on children. I could sense the pain in the girl's heart as you guided me through this story.
Good job.
You developed the character very well. I loved the interspersed thoughts. Well done!
Excellent, excellent piece of writing!
Your beginning statement really drew me in. Great work!!!
Bravo, Well done! The emotional impact of this piece is exquisite and painful. I am reminded of Christ's words to us that when we call each other fools, we are committing murder.
I felt so sorry for Jing-Mei and wanted to reach through the screen and hug her and slap Cheng. Masterful telling.
Haunting article of sadistic persecution, reminds me of when I was in junior high school. The parts about her mind being lost in darkness and unable to think clearly made me think that she could have been developing a hereditary illness that affects the mind - or was it just from the bullying?
This is so sad. I hope your time in college isn't as sad as this. It isn't, is it? Very good writing.
Sawa... congrats on being Highly Commended with this!!