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Very interesting, nice pace.
Very creative idea. You have some good lines in this. One of my favorites, "Across the lifetime of a nation -- Youve guarded her against the sea Defending daily every man, -- Supporting every heros deed. "
An ode to dikes--what a clever idea!

A thought--what if you made the dikes into a metaphor for something else that protects? And the spelling should be 'dikes'--it's a significant difference.

I enjoyed the poetic skills here--a well-constructed poem that was a pleasure to read.
some clever imagery here. What about helping the reader to visualise better the dykes - the size, shape, colour etc? By the way 'dyke' is the British spelling.
Ben, I agree that this is immensely creative, and also with Jan's recommendation to consider an extended metaphor.
My red ink, at risk of sounding like a scratched CD, is that the meter could use a little tweaking.
Your use of slant rhyme was well executed.