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What a great story. I thought the boy was on some great mission. I was really surprised:) Good writing!
Although I am not a fan of stories of werewolves and magic(putting it mildly)... I have to give you kudos on some excellent writing. It was tense and definitely kept me reading.. wondering what was going to happen next. The details were excellent.
Wow. This is very professionally written. I would be glued to this if it were a published book about a werewolf that cried out to God... and was saved. The light would be saved by THE Light!
Unique take on the topic, that's for sure!
I agree; it's not something that I would enjoy reading or choose to read myself, but it's well done. Nice work capturing the emotions of the boy - he's aware of his problem and desires to change. You portrayed that well.
A very well written story. The opening paragraphs hooked me and kept me reading. This has the potential for a much longer story. Well done as usual Josh.
Yes, my friend, you have definitely "still got it". Where's the rest of the saved werewolf story??? We're waiting....

Really good job.
An excellent job of portraying a tormented soul! It certainly seemed that it could be the beginning of a much longer story about the redemption of Lucian. Well done!
Nice. I liked it. It's different and you did good portraying the inner struggles and real conflicts of his transformation. Nice. And I liked the nameplay on light, cute.
Not your usual write Josh, you're noramlly into comedy. This peice just goes to show that you can write just about anything. I particularly liked how you showed fear in the boy; I really felt it and for my money I think you've excelled yourself.
Oooo, prickly goodness! A bold piece for the challenge, and well done for its genre. Diggin' the change up! ;)
Excellent writing and very compelling story. The MC has a war going on, inside and out. Different style. Fresh, on subject. Good job!
wow what an amazing story. Have read quite a bit about werewolfs. Very interesting that only a silver bullet can kill them.
Great stuff and well done.
Incredibly visual and engaging piece, Josh. Love his name, and the details. I DIDN'T hate it, by the way :D
I'm cringing, and shuddering, and I want to cover my eyes. Shame on you, this piece is just too creepy and eerie, but I couldn't look away. I had to read right to the end... and now I feel so much pain for Lucian... sigh. Josh, this is some seriously excellent writing.