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Love it! Gnomistake about it.
ha, ha!!! This fits in Jan's Class this week, for sure!
This was absolutely hilarious. My french is not bad, but I did not know the word "nain", so I was kept guessing until the end. I loved how Madame was unable to get simple words correct. I enjoyed your story.
Funniest story I've read here in ages!
I am smackin' myself on the forehead! Kudos on the great got me good. Very funny!
Delightful all the way through! I loved it.
Fun, fun. What a mess! Enjoyed immensely.
Well, as always, your writing is getting better and better. You are very good at mysteries and extremely good at humor. Well done.
ROFL!!! You really had me going here, I was thinking first it was a kid, then it was a pet and then I was wondering what on earth garden gnomes had to do with the whole thing. ROFL. Very fun! Loved this!
Love her french er spanish er, oh well, I loved it. This was fun to read, gnomes and all.
This was done amazingly! I had no clue there was a twist until the end. Excellent!
Loved it, loved it, loved it. I was thinking teddy bears. Very clever, well done!