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I feel like I say the same thing every time. This is awesome. So vivid with the descriptions. And the unexpected humor. The poor snake didn't have a chance. Very good.
Perfect title for a charmingly fun story.
I was wondering if someone was going to write about snake charmers. You wrote this piece in an entertaining way.

One geographical note. You may want to change "village" to another word, as village connotates a rural area and New Delhi is a major metropolis. It would be a really long bike ride to a village.

This was a cute story. Good work.
I love the idea of playing jazz on a pungi...and I can visualize that snake having a "do-wop" moment. I can also identify with the boy's parents being uneasy about his new alliance--it's the question of who will have an influence on whom. My son's heart is big, and he is always bringing someone home whose homelife is difficult at best. How to love someone for Christ without being tempted ourselves is something we all wrestle with, and you resolved that concern nicely. Although I'm not sure a young man would so quickly change his ways, I believe that it's possible...and that you were bound by our word limit. :-)
Great title, and who would have thought to put jazz in an Indian story?
This was so very entertaining! Nicely done!
I loved the jazz performance with the snake. Very good.