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Thanks for taking me to India.
Extremel compelling writing...I hung on every word.
This is a well-written piece. Excellent descriptions and well-chosen details. I felt like I was on the journey with the characters.
WOW! I had no idea. I think this is my last trip to India. Thanks for the glimpse.
WOW! Amazing piece of work. I could see it all, and felt it all.
Gripping details. It left me feeling overwhelmed. I could see and feel it, but I didn't want to be there, not after living in the "land of plenty".
Beautifully crafted story and current.
This is a very clear discription and I wanted it to continue. What an eye opening experience.
This was incredibly vivid and extremely realistic. I also felt like I was right there. I was right there. Completely.
Well done. Must have been a very interesting experience.
Love, Norms
Good job of pulling the reader in and helping them feel overwhelmed along with the MC. You did a good job of immersing us in the frantic lifestyle that many people in India live.
Wow this is so outstanding. Your vivid details allowed me to see and smell things I've never been a part of. Although the story itself is sad, the way you effortlessly weave your words is beyond beautiful.