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An enjoyable piece. Brought back good memories of playing Risk.
You sound a bit like my husband when we played monopoly at christmas. Fun read.Blessings,
I come from a game-playing family, and I LOVE this story! I'm with you though--I'd far rather play Scrabble than Risk.

This is one of the most creative approaches to this week's topic, and it goes WAY to the top of my list. Bravo!
I loved your how sneaky you were in this very entertaining, creative story.
I agree with Jan! Very creative and made me laugh, too! My late husband and his brothers were Risk fiends...hours and hours were spent playing this game into the wee hours of the morning. I never understood their enthusiasm. I'd also much rather play Scrabble. (; Love this story.
How funny. Very clever way to go about this topic.
Excellent!! Very fun and totally creative - great mix of dialogue and thoughts. I never understood Risk at all, give me Scrabble any time!
Really fun and creative! You did a great job! :)
I LOVED this line... "My enemies turned on each other." Awesome!
SO, SO creative and superbly described. LOVED this, Angel!
This is great. I love "trash talking" games. So glad your mc had the audacity to overcome the world. Great story and great writing.
This was a fun read but it's weak for being on topic. Nevertheless, great writing.
Super creative take on the topic! I bet no one else thought of taking this approach. I love Risk and all other types of board games, so this piece was right up my alley! :)