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I almost didn't read this. It's kind of cool though, and I'm hooked on what happens to this family.
Sort of like a sci-fi thriller; what an imaginative story! God is faithful to all generations, even this futuristic one. ;-)
Great story and creativity, wonderful title. Was very smooth, and even though futuristic, an easy read. This would be cool for teens too. God bless ya, littlelight
Very cool - very creative take on "car trip." I, too, am wondering about this family and would love to read more (and that's aying a lot since I normally don't get into sci-fi stuff. LOL)
Great job!
Blessings, Lynda
Awesome! Totally awesome! You gotta keep this up; this is great! I think I know who wrote this...
Really enjoyed this!
Woo hoo! I love this! I almost tried sci fi this week, but I chickened out. You did it very well, I was hooked.
I love it!! A very good angle for this story...just one comment - principAL LOL Sorry, had to. Thanks for sharing!
I'm not into sci-fi but this story pulled me along. I agree teens and some pre-teens will probably love this. Thanks for sharing.
Loved it - but then I'm a scifi fan :) Unfortunately, we may come to a time that this kind of thing might happen.
Who wouldn't love well written sci-fi?
Well done, you've created a believable future world for your characters. Loved the gadget (plasmagins)and the relationship between the family members: the boy teasing his sister with: 'Objects on screen may be closer than they appear.' You work this genre really well.