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What a bunch of GUYS! Enjoyed the character development and introduction to ghetto water! Yuck. There is something about their dreaming - unrealistic as it is - that makes me remember what it feels like to be young and impetuous and hopeful.....
He-he-he, I can't stop rolling. This is so funny. If you hear some kids talk--it's serious. Really captured the heart of youthful dreams. God bless ya, littlelight
Ha! I loved this. (and I'm sure I know who wrote this humorous piece!) The characters were well drawn out, writing was excellent.
BTW - In high school I knew a von too (not sure if his name was capitalized or not). :-)
Great entry!
Blessings, Lynda
Very cute...von reminds me of a good friend I used to have. Thanks for sharing!
This is so well done I believe it. I can just see this group of teenage guys sitting around planning their big tour in mom's minivan -- even with a side trip to Arizona for some really rich girl who probably has a vehicle and might play bass. Every detail from writing on the cereal box to the "ghetto water" is believable. Great fun! I hope Mom's minivan is still intact. :)
And I can just see these guys heading to Arizona after sweet talkin' good ole Mom out of her minivan! Haha! Fun read!
Reminds me of a plan a buddy and I once had to hit every ball park in the US one summer. Bad choice trying to invite a couple of Mennonite girls along, though! ROFL! Never did quite work out. Excellent writing. Very realistic. As always, polished to perfection.
The seriousness of youth when it comes to their plans even if they're unrealistic. The writing, however, was realistic and vivid.
I think I met all these guys in college lol :) A fun read.
Fun and well written! It reminds me of my own youth when I would make any excuse for a road trip.
Fun read! I especially loved the part about von's name--I was indeed looking at you funny!! :-D
Hey, I know these guys! Band practice was at our house 'cos my son was the drummer. Realistic characters and dialogue. A fun read.