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I learned more about fishing than I ever wanted to know. You had me right there at the water looking at the ugly thing. Such excellent writing. I'm in awe.
I love the subtlety of your "month of fishing." I also liked the ending twist, which was foreshadowed by both your title and your vow.
Great job!
I felt like I ws on the trip too - Great ending!
Made me laugh in more than one line, particularly the "I've gone to hell..." Great story telling here.
Wonderful, authentic voice. I'm a big fan of dry humor, and this has got tons of it!
Now that I know how ugly cod is, I understand why my mother had so much trouble get us kids to take cod liver oil when we needed it.

Very descriptive humor.
Great voice and a boatload of info on fishing - yowsa! Nice twist at the end, ties it all in.
I could think of lots to do in the middle of no-where (but I'm a grown-up). That sounds like my kind of place. I loved the ending. I can imagine the MC's face when finding out they'd been eatin' the very stuff they swore would never touch their lips. (hehe-very good)
I can so hear the teenage voice in this wonderful accounting. I loved the fishing stories. I've had the same thought about catching some fish more than once.

Just a note: in this passage: "After a couple of days, we had four rainbow trout between the six of us; no one had caught anything much. We were trolling with night crawlers but the trout didn’t seem to be very hungry." you can leave out "no one had caught anything much." No need to tell us - you've shown us with the preceding and following lines.

I really enjoyed this! And even tho I saw it coming, the ending made me smile. :)
Despite the fact that I'm not into fishing, this was entertaining to read! I loved the teenage perspective throughout, and the ending is priceless.
Our family is so not into fishing that on the rare occasions we take the boys we say, “We're going to drown some worms.” Nevertheless, this tale kept me reading. I loved the voice and the dry humour.
This is really good writing but you already know that! I'm trying to think about how you could make it even better. I really got into the snide adolescent humour in the first half. But then the second half seemed to be one long descriptive passage leading up to the (predictable)punch line about the ugly fish. To be honest, the bait and lures section lost my interest a bit as I'm not a fisherman. But had it been me, I would have kept the cheeky comments flowing all the way through. Bless you. Gregory