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A very original idea. I like how your mystery unravelled. I was still a bit confused about Howie's motives though. Perhaps I just missed something. Well written, and unique.
As soon as you mentioned Howie Mandel I knew he was going to be involved in the crime. This is probably how Howie would go about looking for a security consultant:)
I love This is Howie do it! I thought your writing was really good, but I did get a little lost in the details. Loved your humor.
This is hilarious! I love the last bit, where it becomes impossible to ever touch "his" hands again, since Howie Mandel's phobia about that is well-known. Very, very good, and highly original.
A fun who-dun-it. Not knowing about Howie's hand-phobia (I read another commenter's comment), I didn't "get" that bit, but I think it's a very well-written mystery that had me guessing and reading to the end.
I didn't "get" the hand phobia until reading comments either; but I did find this story hilariously fun to read.
I have to confess that I didn't really get it.
Very interesting! I'm still not quite sure what happened, but I followed most of it. I think you needed some more words to get this out. I wanted to know more! ^_^
Great piece! So very clever and well-executed!
And the caper was what I liked the best! This piece really shone this week.
I like Howie Mandel and I love this story! A fun crime caper for sure with a great twist at the end! So glad I'm catching up on your entries that I missed.