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I like how you showed the progression of Lillian's adventure - her trip away from Canada - back to Canada and also her spiritual adventure. Nice writing.
A lovely story of forgiveness that really drew me in. I like the way you included the young and old voices of Lillian. Well done!
I liked the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter. It was neat how you had the granddaughter being the one to support, comfort and console. Beautiful expressions of love and forgiveness.
Excellent writing. You put me in the middle of the prairie, and inside Lillian's heart.
Lovely writing on several levels. I missed reading your entries. Welcome back!
Very nice story arc here--like a wave, with excellent pacing.
What a journey! This is heart-wrenching. It touches in all the special places. So glad that she was able to forgive and recieve release. Loved this. ^_^
Good story, wonderful characters, and an outstanding last line!
Beautiful. I enjoyed the scenery and dialogue very much.
I loved your opening paragraphs, and felt transported onto the windswept prairies. The story unfolded well and came full circle to a beautiful conclusion.
You did an excellent job with your story a forgiving pilgrimage.
I can't imagine what it would be like to have to move away from all you cared about only to return years later with only your memories.

At first I missed the Canada reference in the opening line, so I wasn't sure where "home" was, but then I went back and re-read and cleared up the confusion I had.