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Very cleverwho would have thought to write from the perspective a Canada Gooseand to make it sound like a prison escape!
I didn't catch that this was about the geese, but should have when you mentioned the V for victory. My brain must be melting.(lol)
I did really enjoy your poem.
Was this written to be set to music? It has a very strong, but subtle beat.

I don't understand the first three stanzas - who are they at war with? but once they made their escape, I was flying in formation with them, spirit soaring. Unique, creative, and uplifting.
I finally caught on when you mentioned the V. Very imaginative. The geese are wonderful to watch as they fly.
Very good--I especially like the use of repetition here, because I'd imagine that's how geese think...that may not make sense, but it does to me!
So the geese don't like Americans shooting them? I always wondered why they kept returning to Canada.

Vivid writing... I enjoyed it.
Very very clever. And I like the rhythm of the verses. Great poetry.
Very creative! I'm glad other comments gave the game away as I was dumb enough to miss the plot completely. On the second reading it all came together and I really enjoyed it. Excellent writing.