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Wonderful! Dialect "sounded" perfect to me, and Joseph was awesomely written.
This was wonderful...I loved it!
I loved Joseph and Mem. What a great story. I read it twice, I enjoyed it so much!
So very well done, not overdone...just right. Shows passion, hurt, struggles of real folks. Also, the love of God wins every time.
I felt as though I were a fly in the wall, listening in. I literally could hear the couple talking. That's good writing!
Well done! I was sitting right there in their little kitchen listening to Joesph and Mem talk. I love your imagery; it draws me right in.

Excellent. The dialogue was great and the story line tender and heart breaking, then victorious at the end! Loved it.
Your story is beautifully written with a wonderful message. I loved the characterization.
I liked the dialogue - sounds very authentic. I loved how you turned the story toward the heart of God. Nicely done!
Cleo, congratulations.. THIRD PLACE overall! This story was beautifully written.. a true masterpiece.
Nancy! Oh know what this means? Your submission will be in the quarterly book! 3rd best overall! Now that's greaaaaat writing. Congrats, you so deserve it.

Blessings as you continue to write for His Glory.
Congrats on your well deserved EC! Whoo hoo!
Nicely done - wonderful dialogue and sense of place. Congratulations on your EC!
WOW!! I LOVED every bit of this wonderful story!! Your dialogue was exceptionally well done! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C.!! :)
Congratulations, Cleo/Eliza! I loved the accent in this really drew me in. Well done.
OUT-STANDing! I clearly heard the brogue in my head as I read Joseph's dialog - even before we found out they were Irish. Superb job writing the dialect. And the story was amazing. I was SO rooting for Joseph, and feeling sorry for his wife. Well Done!
Congrats on your EC! I've been Irish all my life, doncha know and I felt as if I was a listen'n to my family. So tender, it touched me. Loved the title, too. Very fitting!
Beautiful heartwarming story... Congratulations on your level placing and EC!!
Great job! This was a sweet story and felt very real.
Loved this story and the amazing dialogue. Rich in emotion as well!