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Who knew that such a commonplace subject as the weather could be so much fun to read about in a poem? Good job!
Ha ha ha! Very good indeed. You betray a lot of knowledge about our little island - I suspect you're an insider(?)
Great poem - I laughted out loud. Just one line didn't work for me - can't see it as I type but it was the first line in the Lancashire stanza - couldn't get it to scan when I read it aloud. Otherwise - great!
I LOVED this! I found it to be absolutely true when I was there (when the weather was far better than we expected), but it was ALWAYS a topic of conversation.

Really, really good!
In this little corner of the world that I live, there are two things we can always talk about, the weather and road construction. *smile* For they are constantly moving around us.

Loved the poem.
What a clever weather entry!! :) Your poem is very well-written and flows nicely! I especially loved your descriptive word choices!
CONGRATULATIONS on your richly deserved E.C.!!
Congratulations on first place and on your EC! Very well done...and may God bless you out on the front lines.
Congratulations Sharon on your first plac and the EC. Wonderfully written poem. I've talked with perhaps a hundred WWII veterans here in the States who mention three things about their time in England: the war, of course, several tell me of their war brides, and the weather. But it seems most would like to forget the latter, can't forget the former, and are still in love with their British Lass.
That was so much fun. I want to experience the wonderful places you describe and talk to the locals about the weather.
This is so excellent on many levels... love the recurring "weather" theme. Super congrats on your EC!!