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This was fun, entertaining and I loved the way you poked fun at the MC. Great job.
LOL...I loved this. Very informative.
Great satire here--almost like a Saturday Night Live sketch.
Ahhh, this was a Beaut! Tee hee...loads of fun!
Josh, you are the master of humor for sure! Well done! Far-fetched and over-the-top tongue-in-cheek, but well done! :)
Wow, what a character! This was so entertaining. Loved it!
I am seriously laughing out loud! Hilarious satire. You are on top of your game this week.
Love your title! :) I could "hear" the accent of Chris Crock. (He has a great name, by the way.) "…lost a pinkie" LOL His cavalier attitude toward his injuries is perfect for your character. Can't wait for the next episode!
What time does "Crocodile Chris" come on in the states?
This was loads of fun. Thanks for sharing your hero.
This one's a beaut! And I actually learned some fun stuff - great job.
Awesome irony here! I loved your feisty character. Hope it's a winner.
Laughing out loud here Josh! This was too too funny. Regardless of the name of your MC, I could hear our dear Steve Irwin. You had the character down perfectly. Loved it.

The only negative thing I could say is that a Koala isn't a bear, it's actually a marsupial. But even Aussies call it a Koala bear, so it don't really much matter do it :- )
Ha, ha, ha!!! Hillarious! I like your format, very creative!
This is great, Josh. Extremely entertaining! :D
Certainly, you at your best. You simply shine in humor! Great job, Josh.
Very humorous. Thanks for sharing!
What a RIOT, Josh. I KNOW you had a blast doing this. You are definitely at your best when you do pieces like this! Awesome!
Loved it; twisted as usual. At last, a Yank that realizes what a retard Irwin was.
So much fun...what a truly entertaining piece. It's good to be back after the break to read stuff like this!
Josh, I should've known this was yours. It's great! I absolutely love the spin-off of Steve Irwin.

I'm glad you're back in the saddle.
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC, Josh!!!!!
Fantastic piece, Josh! Bask in the moment, my friend...didn't I tell you that you were next? :)
Crikey! Glad you lived to write this:) Good job, Josh and congratulations!!!! Woohoo!
This was loads of fun to read. Congratulations!
I love to laugh like that! :D Your piece is good for the soul with its clever humor, daredevil MC, and all-around great writing!! WONDERFUL JOB with the topic!
What a hoot! Reading your story brightened my day. I'll be chuckling for hours.
Crikey Josh!!! You did it! Super congrats on your EC and level placing with this!!
I'll have to send you a private message about this one.
Congratulations, Josh. Love your humor, it seems so natural.