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Good job with very believable dialogue. I enjoyed this and learned some things, too.
How incredibly sweet and entirely annoying Gwen is! This was a lot of fun...well done!
Fun little story...I enjoyed the dialogue.
I had to smile at the "I hope she takes us to the Outback Steakhouse." I wish I was sitting behind these two on the plane. Their conversation is priceless. :)
Frank has more patience than I do, that's for sure. I loved the dialog in this piece, and Gwen was likable in that she was so UNlikable. The Characterization is awesome.
Okay, Gwen was seriously getting on my nerves! That means you wrote her very well...cute story.
Great dialogue - I was wondering how long Frank would last - what a good husband! This piece had a very natural feel and was well-wrapped up at the end.
Cute story! :) I loved how "non-stop jabber" Gwen was silenced in the end by Australia's beauty!

(Did you perhaps mean "exultation" instead of "exaltation" when Gwen clapped her hands?)

Very well-drawn characters and good dialogue!
What a good husband he is...and obviously very long-suffering! I can't imagine going on a trip with someone like Gwen...aacckk! Great job with the characterizations.
You used excellent dialog and strong characterization to tell an interesting story. I enjoyed it.
Just darling - Gwen is definitely quite the character - you drew her exceptionally well considering you only had 750 words. Loved it.
Gwen's personality is what shines in this piece. Very funny stuff! I loved the part about Outback Steakhouse.