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Good message here for all of us. We all are called to be God's messengers and spread His word. And now I know what a cooee is.
Fascinating information about the cooee. I enjoyed this.
Wow. Creative take on this topic! Good job!

One thing. Overusing words other than "he said / she said" actually draws readers away from the story onto the tag words...and/or readers will skip those words altogether.

Just a thought. :)
You made an informative article extremely entertaining, and I enjoyed this piece very much.
This was very enjoyable. I like the spiritual anologies to the "cooee" call. Very nice!
A great read. I laughed at "why do they have to bring God into everything" :) The conversation is natural and the story is entertaining and educational.
This was so interesting. (You've piqued my curiosity). I've never heard of it. Your lesson (about John the Baptist and the gospel) was very good and your ending wonderful.
I wondered why the parents were being so spiritual about it, and laughed at the MC's thought. You packed a lot of info into this piece - nicely done!
I loved these wise parents who used what interested their child to plant spiritual seeds. Excellent entry.