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This was a fantastic piece. Maybe I'm slow, but you had me fooled all the way up to the end...I thought you were going to be a tour guide at Pearl Harbor! lol. Great work.
Woo hoo, definitely my favorite so far!
Delightful. I didn't see it coming!
Really fantastic!

Imo, the first sentence tries too hard. You almost lost me there.

Great idea, well carried.
Good job!
You had me fooled. Very clever and well done. Enjoyed this one!
This is wonderful! Fantastic! Well written!
Love this piece; and once you see the ending the title takes on so much significance. Excellent job! One of the lines that really speaks to me and seems so relevant in today's world is this: "I see myself as one of their teachers, too, with an important lesson to impart while they are under my care. If they do not learn it well, I fear for the future. However, will they listen to an older-generation lady like me, who adheres to what many consider as antiquated values? The world is changing faster than ever. I myself have witnessed an astounding amount of alteration and transformation in my years here. Will they feel that I have something…anything…relevant to share?"
Both beautiful and profound!
I really love this. I too thought she would be a tour guide - perhaps at the Statue of Liberty. For me, it made the ending even better. Great job. :)
Sooo well done. I loved it. You were able to put the reader there.
Marvelous...I thought she worked at Ellis Island.
I started wondering in the 4th paragraph if it was the Statue of Liberty. At first I thought maybe she was a tour guide at Ellis Island as well.

Well done, and great take on the topic!
This story was captivating and the ending totally took me by surprise! Very well written with a title that truly spoke the heart of the piece. A real joy to read! Nice work!
Excellently done--hopefully, a winner this week. It's that good!
Oh, Myrna - this is WONDERFUL. You did an exceptional job with this. If you're rusty, we're all in trouble!!
Yahoo! A winner for sure!!!
Congratulations and what a way to come back to the challenge after being away. Loren
Congratulations on your EC. This is very good writing, and such a feel-good story. Nice job with the topic.
Wow! Wonderfully written. Congrats.
Hello, Myrna, I didn't have an email for you. Thank you for your kind words. I, too, LOVED your entry and am very happy for your well-deserved first place ribbon, as well as your EC. I look forward to reading more of your entries. Blessings, Sonya
Congratulations on this wonderful entry. It grabbed me immediately and held my interest to the surprise ending. Great job.