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I can just hear this being preached--very stirring!
Thank you for writing this strong piece that should prove to wake up the citizens of this country. United Saints of America--that would be wonderful! We need to be praying for this nation.
I could see this being preached. Very strong sermon material here. :)
It does make me feel the need to pray for our nation all the more.
Gave me goosebumps. Preach on, brother! Great entry and very, very timely :)
You entry is very creative! Where is our country headed? When reading the OT, it was frustrating when the people would turn from God, go through judgment from other nations, turn back to God, then eventually turn away from God, then go through judgment again But I think we're doing the same thing. You've got a great message for USa!
This is thought provoking. I hear your sermon and believe it and pray with you for our nation.
I love that you chose to lay down the fiction and speak from your heart. This was a very convincing, extremely convicting and well-written message. And I agree that much of what is wrong with our country today is because we Christians have grown complacent. May we repent, turn and plant our knees firmly to the ground.
Well written & referenced. Heres the problem I see, though... I believe we vastly over-estimate the number of Christians in America today. People call themselves Christian as a cultural label, not because they are actually followers of Christ. If pressed to define what they mean by calling themselves Christian, the percentage of people responding accurately would be in the single digits. In my humble opinion.