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It's an interesting allegory, with good use of the writer's craft.

But...I don't get the allegory. I know that I should, and that it's probably political, but I just don't get who the two groups of anteaters are meant to be. Sorry.

Maybe after hinting starts, you can clue me in. I'll keep working on it, because it's really piqued my interest.
I know this is supposed to be an allegory of the U.S. (as evident in the title) but I'm unsure who the small anteaters and large anteaters are.

The one thing I thought was that the small were Christians and the founders of the nation. The large ones I'm thinking are ones more secular that have taken over and made the Christians hide.

Or perhaps I completely off on this :P I really am curious what each group is supposed to represent!
Okay, I think I get the allegory...
The original anteaters are the Native Americans, the giant anteaters are the settlers, and the savaged ants are the buffalo. Perhaps.
Very interesting lesson here, convicting, too. Nice job!
This is not my entry but I know the author won't mind my dropping a hint.
Yes, the allegory has to do with the native americans. I'll leave you to work out the rest by yourselves. It's a clever story.
The problem with all allegories is that they depend on people catching on. See my 'Star Pilot' for an example of an allegory that bombed because it was too clever!
This entry really made me think - perhaps it is a tad confusing, but the plus is that I really didn't mind reading it over a few more times. The flow is good - seems a bit rushed at the end with the giant anteaters, but that makes sense in view of the story.
Very thought provoking to say the least. Given the hint (due to those lovely yellow boxes) that the small anteaters are natives has cleared up quite a bit for me and made it easier to see the rest of the story.
Really good!
GREAT job on characterization. I'm impressed.

The only thing that didn't click for me was her *knowing* he was dead. As humans we tend to cling to hope against hope against hope. Acceptance being the last stage of grief.

Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing this.
Very good entry. :)

I am so sorry. The above comment is for a different entry. I am not sure how that happened. Humble apologies!!
OK, with the hint of the first anteaters being Native Americans, then the giant anteaters would have been the English settlers, right? So at first thought I would have asked the giants Why didnt you leave the original anteaters in peace? Only, as a descendant of both types of anteaters, Im torn. Despite the obvious errors of the giants, were the original anteaters truly civil - or was that only in the way they respected the land? Was it possibly necessary for the original anteaters to be overtaken by the giants in order for future generations to come to know Christ?

Excellent food for thought here. :)
This is well-written, I understood it was settlers overpowering the native Americans, but didn't understand how it would be considered a children's story. I'm also not sure how well it fit the topic, creative as it is. Hopefully the judges will disagree with me. Blessings,
OK, here goes!
The original anteaters are the Native Americans.
The giant anteaters are the settlers who took over the land, using (at least part of the time) more force than was necessary.
The second part of the tale refers to how the Western lifestyle is destroying the environment and causing major problems for the coming generation. The USA is, sadly, the world leader in this area, particularly in terms of its dependence on oil and the environmental consequences of this. (To be fair, China is rapidly catching up.)
The story was written primarily to raise awareness of and to encourage debate on environmental issues. How well are we looking after God's world? And what inheritance are we leaving for our children?
As with most countries, including Great Britian, there were residences there prior to the current population moving in (Native Americans, of which I have Choctaw heritage, can serve in any elected office, including the presidency). Sadly, many countries do not have their "natives any more.
The USA was the world's leading producer of industrial waste. There were three phases - the frist was industrial revolution, in which most of the world took part in. The other two were after America entered both world wars to save the rest of the "civilized world" from speaking German or Japanese - both episodes resulted in great industrial growth and prosperity for the USA and most of the rest of the world.
China overtook the USA as far as being the worse polluter in 2006. China is building the equilavent of 50 to 70 new gigawatt(very large) coal-burning plants every year. Just one gigawatt coal plant burns one ton of coal every 10 seconds! Or the equilavent of 3 tons of carbon dioxide every 10 seconds for each plant.