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Just beautiful - and what a tribute to the beauty of this country. I felt like I was in the car with you.
The USA truly is diverse, in landscape and in its inhabitants.
If this were put to music, it would rival "God Bless America"... Your imagery is beautiful.
Wonderful imagery in this...very nice!
Wonderful--and I noted lots of poetry "tools"--imagery, repetition, alliteration. This was a bit of a stretch for you, wasn't it? Very well done!
This truly is beautiful. The imagery of that trip comes through loud and clear - makes me want to take a car trip out west. :)
It's probably me, but I couldn't pick up on any rythm. Great imagery, though. I enjoyed reading your descriptions of the different areas of our USA.
I loved the descriptions in this piece, and your stretch into a different style of poetry. I'll have to read more closely to catch the rhythm (if there is one) but it definitely catches the attention as different than one might expect. Nicely done!
"Our hearts capture pictures even more vivid
Than the photos we snap with the camera"

Wonderful imagery! This is a beautiful poem with lots of wonderful "heart-pictures" captured on paper.
This truly moved me, and I thought it flowed beautifully.