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I love the sweet relationship between these two young women.
Very nice story. I really like the message, too. I loved how feelings were stirred up around drinking a common cup of cocoa.

I love the dialog and sentences leading up to it.

One note. In my opinion. Words like "miniscule" take away from the authenticity of your story rather than add to it. It might be fun to use that word in a dialog when someone is sarcastic or exaggerating but it's not the right word to use in descriptive writing, I don't think. "Identical " could be dropped, too. Sometimes (oft times?) simple is better.

You have a writing gift! Keep going! :)
How true it is that often it's the outsider who spots our national blind spots! You built up the relationship between the girls well, but I wonder if you ran out of space to develop what happened next? I'd have liked to read more of how Amy's perspective changed once she found out why Rani was so pensive.
This one is my favorites yet... It is so moving, so inspiring... Wonderful job, Sara!
What a beautiful picture of friendship. Really enjoyed reading this. :)
Very nice story with believable characters and conversation! Good message, too! :) Well done!
Very engaging. I've been to India and understood Rani being caught between the two cultures.
Wonderfully written dialog. Poignant reminders of things we should never forget. This is so good.
Fantastic descriptions and dialog. I loved these characters, and ached so much with Rani. I felt like I could see the world outside the window through her eyes.
This is a beautiful story of friendship with its reminder of how fortunate we are to live in America. I loved your mc's heart--I believe it must be your own!