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Not being a "tense" expert, I got confused at the very beginning of who was who? Who was there? Who was talking to whom? etc; it just suddenly changed tenses...but otherwise nice story. (Honesty is always the best policy.) Have a Great Holiday and keep writing.
Oh, this is wonderful! I love your very effective use of flashback, and this very, very early Christmas celebration, before it became anything even vaguely remembling what we know as Christmas today. Simply outstanding!
The story is lovely. I am confused if it's Dorcas from the NT because they wouldn't be celebrating Christmas. Perhaps it's just a name you liked. A very tender story.
Wonderful use of 1st person POV. Also, great way of hitting the topic. You never did mention Christmas... only the pagan season they celebrated. And, yes, Jesus is a much better reason to celebrate the season. Well done.