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You have documented well the Reason for the Season. There are some minor errors, but a nice narrative of Jesus' life as a whole. (Due to the era in which this transpired, I believe "with Child" would have been more appropriate than "pregnant" - Just a thought.) Have a great Holiday...and God Bless.
Great summation of this precious life. Loved the comparison tie-in of the "waves of pain" at Jesus' birth and death. Wonderful job. :)
Nice summation...I also liked the repetition of pain in birth to in death.
Loved it. Agreed; you covered the reason for the season well. It was short, sweet, and hard hitting. Well done with this one.
Good parallels, between the birth and death. But it's not quite finished, there will be another pain filled battle in the future when he returns, as there is also a current and continuous battle for us to remember the truth now.
The power of the pain in His life - from birth to death - is such an awsome story. Other than a few little word errors, this was a great entry. You told the story well. :)
Wonderful description. So good, in fact, I cringed when reading about Jesus on the cross. Well done.
I have often thought about the fact that His birth was the beginging of His death, but never considered it as a story theme. Well done.
I like how you tied in the pain of birth w/ the pain of death. This was gripping and a great reminder to us that Jesus' coming was not w/o pain, something we need to remember as we celebrate this season and allow it to fill our hearts w/ joy.
Comparisons of pain for birth and death are excellently presented, along with a wonderful reminder of the reason for the season.
Really, really good. I like how you followed Mary through time, showing her considering all that Simeon had said to her.
Wonderful reminder that the reason Jesus was incarnated as a human was to redeem us on the cross. Loved the way you showed Him with His siblings, how that He was obviously different from them. The "It is finished" at the birth and at His death linked together wonderfully.
Oh, cool--I love the parallel structure, with the little interlude in the middle. I caught the "it is finished" in the first section and thought, how ironic...then it came back in the last part. Excellent!
I don't often comment if all I have to say has already been said by others, but this is too good to let it go. You tied everything together so well with the paralles of the pain of birth and death, and the physical anguish and psychological wretchedness. Mary's memory of the prophecy in the middle section and her confusion about who Jesus was also wove in well to the tale. It is not hard for a mother to describe labour pains (!), but you did some serious meditation on the cross to describe Jesus' death throes like that. Thank you for helping us get closer to Him in reading this.
Beautiful tribute to the reason for the season. So often we either focus on the birth of Jesus without a view to His death - the real purpose. Excellently done!
Very well done! I'm so glad I didn't miss this one. There is so much you captured in this short piece. Lovely! Simply lovely. ^_^