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This is a lovely Christmas story - very imaginitive and enjoyable (that's what stories should be). Thanks! Col.

Best wishes for the Christmas Season!
Thong, huh? Oh my. This was a cute story. Good job!
Love your story. Who said there wasn't a Santa Claus? The legend's been handed down through the centuries. It's not the reason for the season but it sure 'nuf is a fun thing. We might look upon Santa as a lesson in faith--belief in the unknown and the impossible dream. Let's not take Christ out of Christmas, but let's leave Santa in too, just for the fun of it.
Now the picture of Santa in a thong is one I definitely want to get out of my mind! Cute story.
Oh, this is adorable! I've always loved the figurine of Santa kneeling at the manger, and this story brought it to life. Your humor is, ummm...creative, too! :)
This had to be a dream, which explains the t----(written too often already). It was part of her 7th grade social status quandary-to fit in or not to fit in with the other t-wearing girls. If it was not a dream, her parents did not teach her well.
Call 9-1-1, girl!
Very creative and fun! Great job ending the story with the true message of Christmas.
I think the humor worked very well in this this piece. I especially like the bit about his "bowl of jelly". Creative idea, and a bit out of the box, but not too far. The ending was predictable, but I still liked it. Sorry, no ink from me this week. Nice job!
Yes, this has the fingerprints of Joshua J all over it. I love the image of Santa worshipping Jesus.

LOL getting a text message from the Mrs to bring home eggs and a copy of Vogue was great. Well done Josh, well done.
LOL! You're hilarious....but a "thong"??? Really, I don't want to even think about that one....

Nice work. Predictable, but funny in the process. :)
ROFL! I just had to hunt this one down. VERY creative with good characters. I loved the bit with the Celine Dion ringtone and picking up a copy of vogue for Mrs. Claus. How funny! You certainly let your imagination free on this one and the result was great! ^_^
What fun! Giggles and a message too. This is SUCH a "Josh story." Love it.