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A good message right on target. Well done! Thank you!

May you and Jesus enjoy Christmas together this year!

Gotta love Charlie Brown cartoons:) I'm glad you found the true meaning of Christmas.
I thought your description of the commercialization of Christmas as "glitter, gold, and greed" was amazingly accurate. Thank goodness for good old Charlie Brown!
I wouldn't worry Angela about whether you 'pulled it off', I think you did a wonderful job. Your description of the commercialism of Christmas (even by Churches) was spot on. It all gets too much - the rush, the hustle and bustle, the food, the debt even. You're spot on with what Christmas is about. Great job.
A lot of valid points, and I especially related to "Its not about believing in one day a year, but in living 365 days a year." To me, every day of the year is a day I celebrate Christmas and Easter, Christ's birth and subsequent redeeming sacrifice. Indeed, that is what Christmas is all about.
What genre is this? I don't rightly know... maybe devotional, testimonial, memoir? I don't know.

It is good though, I liked it very much. I've been thinking the same way, and love the Charlie Brown insert.
AMEN sister!!!! I absolutely love this (possibly because your excellent writing reflects my own December depression). Linus' speech in that show makes me cry every time. The genre? I'd call it "Inspirational Non-Fiction". :)
Ohhh, I love this. . . and I'll add my "Amen, Sister!" to Cat's. This is a great pick-me-up this morning. Thanks! :)
And you get an AMEN from my corner as well! Very well presented - I can feel your deepening despair and the hope and light that Linus brings. The statements at the end of the piece had me applauding. Nicely done.
Nicely done! I agree - it reads like a devotional, and also a memoir. Great work to show what Christmas is all about!
I love this, Angel. LOVE the voice, LOVE the message, LOVE the path you took us down. Excellent, my friend.