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Thanks for your piece which is on topic. Things would have been worse for Mary present-day - but the stigma would have been with her even then.

Seasonal Blessings! Col.
This is great. Made me stop and think about how Joseph and Mary must have been viewed - even then.
Good story line, great connections with the reason we still stand in awe at His birth.
Hmmm... Impeccable. Makes you think...
I like your modern day cynics. Jesus could never get away from them, not then, not now. I agree, I think this would make a really great skit at Christmas. Good job Creative!
This is good - the first half is very clever, but the writing in the second half has more passion, and for that reason I liked it better.
Excellent! I enjoyed every word.
I love retellings of the Christmas story that have an earthy feel, and this is one of them. Jesus' birth was almost certainly a scandal to the 2 families involved. Even then he was a 'stumbling stone'. You brought this out so well. Nice job.
Realistic and thought provoking. Thank God that He sent Jesus at just the right time.
Congratulations, Leah, this was really good.
Did you expect it? What a way to finish the quarter!
Hey, that's so cool. I was reading several entries and came across yours when I saw the 2nd place ribbon! Way to go hon! Congrats!! Yahoo! This piece is surely one of the best ones I've seen, with the nativity modernized in the beginning. This sure captured my attention and drew my curiosity in! Great job!:0) God bless!!
Congratulatins! This was a well-deserved EC. Good job!
Congratulations on a unique entry and a deserved EC! Must have been fun to write :)
How wonderfully creative!! One thought. I'm not sure I would have restated "how it really was" at the end. That was a bit of an anti-climax for me, the reader. This was a lot of fun to read.
Leah, I'm going to use this as the Front Page Showcase selection for the week of December 28. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!