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I really enjoyed this wonderfully creative piece, from the perfect title to the delightful chuckle at the end.
Dad's right, this is an integral part of the story that we always leave out. Good job!
Delightful story with lots of truth tucked in the lines.
Very good! This is something I never thought of before. Thanks so much for bringing it to light. Wow.
Excellent--you avoided preachifying, yet preached an awesome lesson nevertheless.
Incredible. I enjoyed this immensely.
The serpent was in the garden, it stands to reason he would follow Jesus around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to end HIM.
S-s-s-super! :) A unique look at the nativity, to be sure. I'd never thought of that before! Great job on the voice of the dad. The last line made me laugh!
Excellent! I couldn't add any more than has already been written. This is a great point that I never thought of, and the piece has just enough humor to keep it light for a heavy subject. Well done!
A well written entry and very unique. The Dad knew exactly what he was talking about. You can be sure that snake slithered after Jesus from the cradle to the cross. We know it, we just forget it sometimes. Well done, great story Sharon.
Wonderful, Sharon, I had a conversation with my wife the other day trying to imagine the spiritual battle that could have taken place at the nativity. The eternal God wrapped in fragile human flesh, whimpering and cooing, the Father entrusting His Only Son to weak humans. You portrayed the scene well, just enough to catch the vision, yet just enough for our minds to ponder and invision more.
God bless and keep writing.