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A cute well written story. Reminds us adults how important passing on the good message is.

Thanks for sharing your interesting piece. Col.

Blessings for Christmas!
Ouch. Love your writing, but I am pained by the message.

I realize it is a reality that some people question the truth, but it is very hard to read it here without some twist to negate the question in the end.
Yes, thought provoking and very sad. Too many are out there who feel the same as the mom. Too often many of those are in the church.
Sad. So sad.
I like that the boy was left wondering... it made me think that maybe in the end, he came to see the truth as only children can. Sad story though, in that the parents aren't sure... a very unique take on the topic. Well done.
I LOVE this! I particularly like the style, very reminiscent of some of my favorite British writers. And I love how very thought-provoking it is. Very well done.
This is excellent. Scary in the extreme but very well written. Jesus said some very strong things about people who cause little ones to lose their faith. Jonathan seems to have just reached than critical age when he is open to doubt, and yet strongly inclined to believe those significant adults in his life, parents first, then teachers and ministers. I shudder to think what is awaiting those adults who turn children away from the Lord at that vulnerable stage. We don't like to dwell on the hard teachings of Jesus, but here you confront us with one of them full on, and remind us of our responsibility to protect children from the snares of the enemy. Well done indeed.
This is a very well written story. I like that the ending was open to the reader's interpretation.