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You have cleverly tried to trick us by not using your usual title. However, Nonique is such an unusual name that it was obvious we are still following "A Crepe Heart" #7
I was awash in a world of unreality and wondered why nothing made sense. What a relief to discover that I was reading a dream.
No wonder the dream-like quality seemed strange! Very effective. ;-)
I caught on pretty quickly Monseir. Monique was a giva-a-way. Very good way to get the car trip in. I'm fascinated. God bless ya, littlelight
I thought this was VERY appropriate for the continuing drama that unfolds for Crepe Heart. Thank you for sharing!
Encore please!
Effective dose of confusion... got the ol heart pumping a bit waiting for the disaster to figure itself out.
What a realistic capturing of the unreal dreamworld!--and very clever!
Wonderful job at capturing the confusion and jumbles of a dream!
Wow ... I was a tad lost there for a bit, but then I realized about the dream (SO realistic) and also that we're being given some significant information about the past which will help us understand the present. Well done!
I was a bit lost until I realized it was a dream -but I guess that was the intent :) Enjoyable as always!
Mmmm and other appropriately yummy noises. Leaves me asking lots of questions about what happened to Charles' wife and daughter in your character's 'real life'.