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Your title is perfect for this. I was trying to pronounce their name. :) I liked your Christmas "miracle" story.
Well, as a Grandfather, I probably shouldn't say this...but...I loved the story - male-panic-syndrome. Great writing, suspenseful. And I will deny it if anyone asks I had a tear in my eye. Yea, right.
Well, after 4 children, I can say, the smaller amount of time that I realize I'm in labor, the better for me.
This was good.
A great having-a-baby story! I love the mom's calm and the dad's scattered thinking (even tho he was prepared.) Well done!
Wow, what a cool, collected mommy. Loved the detail in the story. Well done.
Love this Advent story. Oh, my. The mom sounds like an RN.
Superb characterization!
Love it! Well written. :) My aunt actually did have a baby in the car, just a few blocks from the hospital!
Loved it! This was good! Your eally captured the panic in the husband, very well. And the concentration of the mother during the contractions was spot on! Good job!
This is really good. All that planning and yet he still couldn't plan for that unexpected twist. :)