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Even black sheep are beloved. what a tender Christmas Story. Emotion is strong and takes us with MC from despair into warmth and joy. Very well told.
Very nicely told story. I really felt this woman's loneliness.
In life we sometimes forget that the story of prodigal son is sometimes reflected in the lives of our daughters. You wonderfully conveyed the greatest [i]home coming[/i] we could ever experience. Your dialog allows the reader to live and experience the thoughts and emotions of the MC vividly. Well done, my friend.
The MC's draw to the church, her hesitation at the doors, all feel so real. That's where the story came alive for me. The first half is well written, but the second half is where I connected with the MC. The ending is beautiful. Wonderful entry for this topic!
Excellently done! The reader can relate to every word, and brought me to tears. Excellently done!
I really like this a lot. Felt the raw emotions of your MC. Love that the prodical daughter came home. Love that you showed the message "it's not too late" so well. :)
What a great story of hope for anyone out there ready to answer God's call. With God, she'll never be lonely again. Loved it!
Leah, in case you don't see the Highest Rankings each week, I just wanted to let you know that you did very well in the Challenge this week. Even though you didn't quite make it into the winners' circle, you made it into the highest rankings for Level 3, placing 9th for the level. You also made it into the Highest Rankings overall, placing 30th out of all the entries for the week.

The competition is always extremely intense in Level 3, so well done. Keep up the great writing.

If you would like to check the highest rankings for yourself, you can see them here:

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I personally have been in this position before, where I felt like I had blown all my chances. I like how you had your MC go to Christ at the end rather than having her just run home to her parents. Only God can truly comfort us when we have gone astray. Good job with this one!
Wonderful story. I felt like I was watching a movie as I read this piece.
The thoughts of your MC accurately reflect what many a backsliden child of God feels. Well done in showing that the way home is never barred by God... only by us.
Wonderful story Leah. You have portrayed your MC's emotions so well, from the feelings of despair to the sense of peace when returning to Christ.

I particularly liked the change from one scene to the next... But quarter to eleven that evening finds her weeping softly in the dark living room, unmoved since first sitting down. Well done.
I really enjoyed your descriptions and was impressed by the contrast of your mc's lonely world with the peace she found inside the church.
Is there any thing as sad as a Christian alone at Christmas and living life out of His will?
Beautiful story, so very well writte. 3rd person, present tense...would be hard for me to do. You did it wonderfully.