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Great job and lesson! Maybe would have left the story told without the last line but that could be just my personal preference. I love the whole twist on the camping theme.
Creative and clever "camping" angle. The lengths some people will go to, camping out like that! Reminds me of the "American Idol" hopefuls camping out before the singing auditions. Yikes!
Great writing, wonderful message.
Blessings, Lynda
freezing away the desire for earthly things- Great angle on camping theme! Stilettos can raise you up, but yes, Christ does that the best! Love it!
Wow! The first questions in my mind was if the person speaking was homeless (definitely not, when you mentioned the CD player and ice chest) or if she was one of a group that were raising funds for the homeless. When you revealed the purpose for the campout I shook my head...until I thought about the things I have pursued in the past that hid my true treasure from my eyes. A great wakeup call!
Very nice title for a fitting story. I heard you loud and clear. God bless ya, littlelight
Well written article! Good job!
This is a terrific article. I read it several days ago and wanted to comment, but my computer wouldn't cooperate. Very well done! I do agree with Darlene's suggestion that you could eliminate the last sentence.

Your message is outstanding and I enjoyed the humor in your delivery. Thanks!
You described the cold really well. I could feel it seeping up through the pavement. Had my attention. What is he/she waiting for? The comparison between shoes, however glittery, and the treasure we have in Christ was great.
Enjoyed the drama and progression. Well done! This was not your typical "camp-out", for sure, and yet what an effective story. How cool that God's call to authentic identity won out!!! :-)
I too loved the way you led me along, revealing little bit by little bit, and then - wham - the message hit home. Well done.
I agree, great take on the camping thing. And also, been there, done that in the "exchange" thing. I call it exchanging truth for a lie - Romans 1:25
Wow! Wow! Wow! A beautifully written article. I loved it. Thank you.
Imaginative, entertaining, and hard-hitting. Wow! Message taken. Thank you.
A very nice twist on camping -nicely done :)