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I cried - very moving!
Very moving story!

I found the present tense a tad awkward here...try a re-write in past tense sometime, and see if it sounds more natural.

Great cast of characters...thanks for the sweet story.

This entry is beautiful. I cried. Shame on you for making me cry!

Seriously, with a cousin in Iraq this Christmas season, this hits home. Thank you for writing this emotional entry. :)
Very emotional story that tears at the heartstrings...excellent and unique take on topic.
You do know how to tug at the heart strings.--Beautiful story, excellently written.
Even though your characters are fictional (I'm assuming), I still feel as though I want to thank them for their service. I'm proud of your MC and his dedication to his friend. Well done.
O wow, very touching and tender story. I'm so proud that our military is made up of soldiers who volunteer to go in harm's way--what an awesome sacrifice they make for their country.
This story should have had a tissue warning! What a moving story.
Well done! A very moving piece. :)
Beautiful story of dedication and commitment to one's promises. Thank you for writing lines which not only touch the mind but, also, move the heart. :)
George, this is far more than a's a true picture of 'laying down one's life for a friend'. Such a poignant story from your very skillful pen! I too had to reach for the tissues. Congratulations!
WOW! I am blurry eyed with the tears. Thank you for this story, it was really a wonderful take on the "Home for Christmas" topic.
Powerful, moving, beautiful. Congratulations on a wonderful story. Hope you get it published outside of FWs.
Oh, George. I was NOT at ALL expecting that. I literally gasped when I realized who his friend was. I'm still fighting back tears. (Oh, and by the way, if I had read this BEFORE winners were announced, I would have invited you to masters a bit earlier than I did ;)) Just excellent.
I like this, "The wait is now over, and the weights is lifted from her shoulders." What a story, wow! Excellent writing. Congratulations on receiving an EC!