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Cute and very unique! I liked the thoughts. One suggestion: Due to the way it is written, unfinished sentences on each line...I would have put the two lines together making each line complete. But that's just my opinion. Great Job!
This is masterful! I love your enjambment, and also your expert use of internal rhyme. Those goodies aside, this poem just tickled my funny bone, as I'm the EXACT opposite. I throw every gift in a bag that I possibly can, and I rip and tear ferociously. Great title, too.
Very cute, very honest-the honesty every writer needs to embrace. I love the line, "disorder turns my craw". You wrapped this gift of words beautifully in an entertaining poem. Thank you for sharing!

You have perfectly described my grandmother. She can no longer wrap our gifts herself, but still has Mom or one of my aunts do it for her. . . under her supervision of course! :)
I'm afraid I fall into the rip and open category. My daughters also do my wrapping. Liked your thoughts.
Oh, this is great! Love it.
LOL! Super work. I love the internal rhymes and the bouncy meter. I'm a persnickety wrapper, too, but have learned to not let my husband's less-than-perfect wrapping bother me. I've also been using a few bags the past few years [GASP!].
You had fun writing this one!! I think I used to wrap presents carefully, long ago, before the baby boys arrived. Their haste to open everything, coupled with having to applaud their early efforts at wrapping our gifts 'cured' me. Content aside, in a literary sense I loved it. Very clever rhymes without forcing the vocabulary to fit.
Very clever rhyme and fun to read as well - Nice job!
This is great. Wrapping beautifully is not one of my gifts--I've used the funny papers when desperate, I've decorated paper bags too. I truly got a chuckle from this and your rhymes and rhythm are perfect.