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Oh, I love the wisdom of this mother. What life-changing advice she gave! Great story
When tears spring up in my eyes, I know I've read something meaningful. And tears DID spring up, and I DID read something very meaningful...and engagiing, truthful, delightful and inspiring. Thanks! and a Kudos to you.
Must admit getting a little catch in the heart. Still truly enjoyed the story and the message. :)
Some capitaliztions where not needed but overall good content. Keep writing.
Excellent portrayal of life through the eyes of a teenager. The mother's wisdom started before she opened her mouth; I loved the line 'She knew a chocolate indulgent duet was in order.' She was totally tuned in to her daughter's feelings and this enabled her to speak into her life. Well done.
Very meaningful, thought provoking story.
This is really sweet and VERY believable. I was a child who got necessities only for Christmas, and I so remember the letdown the day back to school after break. Your ending was the perfect message to send. Very well-written, and I did not see any capitalization errors at all.
It is Thursday morning and I just now got around to reading this story. This story should be number one.
It is so real and wonderful, it is exaclty what happens!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!