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I didn't understand this story, but it WAS fascinating. A Satin bed, but the mention of a hovel? A missing gem with no answer? A roommate with pillow over not under her head, and this fascinating story that is WAY OVER MY head. But what do I know? Thanks for sharing.
Sounds like a dream, or a fantasy but if you like it I love it, be blessed.
Ummm, lessee, she had to have *all* of the charms to sprout her wings and join her parents? Ok, I didn't quite get it, but ya know what, I loved it anyway. Love the fantasy elements, and the mystery, too. Well done.
No clue as to the mystery, but I loved the story. I did Google Mahtim, and it is "mother" in Atlantis - don't know if that's enough to get me a cookie or not. :) I WANT to know the answers! I was completely hooked.
You have the great gift of grabbing the reader's attention and keeping them with you. The writing is powerful in describing both what is seen and the unseen emotions. However, like other commentators, I was left frustrated not getting the answers to the obvious questions as to what was behind the story.
Love it! Another wonderful story from inside that wonderful mind of yours, Girl. (Hope our "charmed" gift is just as special-don't you?)
Really enjoyed reading this. Felt like good fantasy. Still was left feeling like I missed something. What happened? Did she die and become an angel along with her parents????
A truly fascinating tale. You held my interest throughout, even if I was not able to understand it fully.
I LOVE it! Especially your use of the italicized words. Beautiful, and a wonderful ending.
It is true, we are never that far away from those we can be captured and remembered in the simplest of things. Such gifts are there, if we but be watchful and believe! Great story!
Good writing, but I can't say that I understand it or that it moved me. The "death" theory could make sense.
You have quite the imagination, and each of your stories reflects that. My only complaint was that I was left wanting more. I think this would be an excellent start to a much longer story. I had many unanswered questions. Of course, I did the same thing with my entry this week, so I guess we're even. :)
I am so very glad all of you intelligent people told me what this was all about,
I have read this story so many times this week.
I am not kidding or being sarcastic either....
To the writer: Very wonderful and excellent writing.
You have a wild imagination and a way with story telling!