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This is cute. My husband must be a little warped too. He tries to think of a new prank to play on our boys each Christmas morning. :)
Loved the humor and the kids! Good piece and wonderful ideas to try! And the ending was perfect.
This is GREAT! I got a real kick out of the voice, and the creative ways your MC disguised presents...I may try some of those myself, this year. Really fine humor writing.
This left me smiling. I love the mom's imagination, and the last line is perfect. I chuckled out loud.
Oh, I've got some great ideas now! Not a miss at all. This was fun and entertaining, AND well written. Creative and right on topic.
I'm sorry--I got caught up in reading and didn't come back to comment on this fun piece that plastered a grin on my face. It was one of my favorite entries in Advanced this week, a week in which levity was in short supply.
Leave it to me, though, to differ from the majority. I would have preferred that it end at...
"thoughgreat gifts dont need fancy wrappingjust to be given in love."
...allowing me to make the application for myself.
What fun! When our kids were little they brought back the magic of Christmas morning into our lives. Here are some great ideas for not letting that magic die as they get older.
What a wonderful sense of humour you have and how creative. Lovely read. Well done.
Switching the name tag ideas - just for the fun of their expressions - what a riot. This is a fun read with lots of "practical" advice. Great sense of humour and nicely written. I enjoyed this!
Now this is creative, not only in content, but ideas! Not to mention the imaginative spirit of the MC is a gift that will keep on giving and evolving for family for generations to come!
: )
This reminds me of what my mom did one year for my dad. She took a gift certificate and wrapped it up with a brick. My dad was totally stumped and very surprised when he finally opened it up.

What fun ways to keep Christmas fresh year-after-year. I think these kids have a very cool mom. :)
Cool! I am so excited for you!
Fantastic writing and some great fodder for my own warped brain - my kids will not thank you!! A great and spirited piece - awesome job.
This is such fun to read and to visualize. You included just the right amount of humor and twists and turns, and even managed a biblical application.

P.S. My husband must be related to you...he pulls similar stunts.
This is great! I may just have to try the name tag switch... hehe. Well done.
Hey, as a youth worker I especially like this piece... your voice is so easy and natural and you did a great self edit job. Also I like the scriptural tie in at the end. Congratulations!