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I especially like the letter that accomapanies the hand-made afghan, who you were with, where it has been, etc. Great ideas (and an awesome husband that would spend 4 days doing something he may not have truly enjoyed).
I like the idea of giving Christmas gifts all year...I believe in giving flowers to the living, instead of waiting for a funeral, and using the "good dishes" on those I love and see every day instead of waiting for "important" visitors or holidays to give my best. How wonderful that your husband not only had good thoughts, but he acted on them. And even if he never watches another race with you, you will remember this one...and since I don't watch a lot of Nascar, I will remember the lesson you've shared whenever I use binoculars. Thank you. :-)
I have a strong suspicion that this is a true story??
I thought it started off a bit slow, but was a good laugh once it warmed up. I loved the insight into the marriage relationship. There is a lot of sparkle there!