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Hilarious! I loved reading this one....nice work in bringing it around by the end.
I love a lot of people who love cards but I'm not exactly a card lover. Roses are red, violets are atually purple. It's true I don't get excited about cards but they are better than a gerbil. Hope you got the job because sombody needs to do it. Good story. Keep reading Mom's bible and crafting memorable verse. Thanks
Very creative. Loved your sentiments!
I like the way you brought out the overweening arrogance (not to mention ineptitude) of your male character. No wonder he doesn't have a job!
I do hope some of these are used on future Christmas cards!! Very creative.
Very well written story. You had me laughing at his lazy attitude. I liked some of the cards he thought up! This has a nice flow and kept me interested from word one! Great job!
Very enjoyable...loved the little greeting cards. And that he came around the real reason for Christmas through the legacy of his mother was really a nice touch!
Oh, you're good! This was such fun to read. I think I know this person.
You packed fun into a very real account of our economy. Good job.
Really nice piece, right on target of the topic, and fun. :)
You placed the reader right into the MC's mind! Fantastic job! I loved the tongue in cheek humor and the attempts at card writing - some of them, by the way, I thought quite good : )
I love your fresh MC. Creative take on the topic as well.
This is great - mate! Really enjoyed. Hope it does well!
this one was really fun. great job.
Unique take on the topic. Well written, with just the right touch of wry humor.
How fun is this! Love the voice of this.

This was my fav line:
Humwhat can I write thats positive without lying, thats current, yet optimistic, maybe something sweet.

Love it!
This is great. I loved watching his mind travel along until it reached it destination: Jesus.
Very good and creative. I enjoyed reading your different verses. Loved the ending.
Well done.
Thanks for the great story. You do a wonderful job of developing the MC.