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Wow. What a real look inside one family, that I'm sure represents many. Very creative entry.
I like the raw honesty here. Well done!
Makes me wonder about "the rest of the story" that's left untold in all those Christmas letters. At first I didn't think I liked the ending, but as it sinks in, I'm liking it more and more. Nice writing.
I wonder how many other 'Family Christmas Newsletters' tell a similar story, behind the ink? Well written.
Very different from the "feel good" endings we expect in most Christmas stories. You gave me a lot to think about. Good job.
I like how you added her true thoughts in between the lines of her letter. And I love how in the end she called out to God for help. You had me hooked from the first line. Great job!
So much to ponder here. Love the bit of "backstory" you wove into this, while still allowing us to use our imaginations for the whole story. Great descriptions, and I love how well you showed her busyness.
This entry was truly a look through the window into the soul of many families not only at Christmas.
It left me examining our own family and whether the mask we wear is real or not.
Exceptionally well done, ripping the mask off to show the reality versus the facade.
We need to keep up appearances, but the truth does cause us to weep at times.
Wow. This story will have me on my knees for the families behind the cards sent to us this year. Thank you. :)
I've read other entries with a similar idea, but I thought you made the point exceptionally well. The ending is especially effective. Well done!
Well done! This is a very poignant piece.
I REALLY like this. This is masterful writing, extremely realistic, and the story for way too many of us, unfortunately. I think it is a piece with great ministry potential.
That "no control" feeling is so hard. I can relate to so much of this. This is perfect for this time of year. Thanks!